What is FinN?

FinN (Fun-in-Numbers) is a platform for developing and playing mobile, locative and collaborative distributed games and interactive installations for entertainment and educational purposes. The next generation of gaming is here !








FinN on SuperB TV Channel


About the Platform

  • Develop your own game, based on your very own rules.
  • Interact with other people and your surrounding environment.
  • Perform game-related actions using gestures.
  • Engage in endless fun or knowledge with friends and collegues.


About our Services

  • We develop custom games for fun or knowledge.
  • We develop custom interactive installations.
  • We organize interactive stands for social events.
  • We participate with interactive installations in showcases.


Contact Us

finn@cti.gr This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tel.: +30 2610 960 442
Fax: +30 2610 960 490
CTI - "D. Maritsas" Building
N.Kazantzaki str., University of Patras Campus
26504, Rion, Patras, Greece

Academic and Scientific Excellence

Fun in Numbers' entry on the Academic and Scientific Excellence. An action by the Ministry of Education to promote distinctive and awarded projects.

The Future of Gaming

Our Hot Potato game has appeared on "MIT's Technology Review: The authority of the Future of Technology" on February 2010. The article characterises Hot Potato as the future of gaming. The game is location aware, involve multiple players, rapid physical activity and Wii-like gesturing.


The article on MIT's technology review was circulated also on February 10, 2010 edition of ACM TechNews, providing timely information for IT professionals three times a week.


Hot Potato was reported by the German version of the Technology Review published by Heise Online on April 2010, Issue 22.

Creative Showcases Gold Award

The Fun in Numbers team has won the ACE 2009 Creative Showcases Gold Award! Our paper titled "Multiplayer Pervasive Games and Networked Interactive Installations using Ad hoc Mobile Sensor Networks" was voted by the conference participants as the best one, although the competition was very strong :)

Best IEEE Society Demo Award

IEEE Society Best Demo Award on MASS 2008 International conference, Atlanta, Georgia. The first award for Fun In Numbers platform and clear "Go" for our team.

Best Video Award Internet of Things 2010

The Fun in Numbers team has won the Best Video Award at conference Internet of Things 2010, Tokyo, Japan. Our video entitled "Mobile, Locative and Collaborative Distributed Games Using Pervasive Technologies" was selected for the Best Video Award.

Tech Excellence Awards

FinN team has been awarded with Tech Excellence Award (PC Magazine and T3 magazine) for the year 2009. See the full greek text here.

Tug of War iPhone Application

Find the first Fun in Number's iPhone application for Tug of War game!

Tug of War Android Application

Find the first Fun in Number's android application for Tug of War game!